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Step into the world of Sheriff & Cherry

Where the sun shines all-year around, and every moment is a reason to celebrate. Since the very beginning, Sheriff&Cherry became synonymous of high-impact, fun-loving, retro-infused frames with a graphic love of color.  

Founded in Croatia in 2010, Sheriff&Cherry has always been about challenging the stereotype, mixing a deep love for heritage with innovation.

Distinctive details like knots and ropes are a nod to the past, while bold interpretations and colours are a step into the future – taking you on a journey through time and space. 

Inspired by the yachting lifestyle of the Adriatic coast, the sophistication of retro Italian motorboats as well as the surf punk scene, founder and artistic director Mauro Massarotto creates designs that combine a luxurious approach with delicate Italian craftsmanship. Produced exclusively by family-run businesses in Italy, we can guarantee that every product is manufactured under ethical practices and to the highest quality standards. 

Smooth, bold, nostalgic, timeless, untameable. The open sea can be many beautiful things at once. Sheriff&Cherry fuses those aspects together to create a world where each day feels like a day on the shore, and reflects the lifestyle of a modern-day, travelling and ever-so-curious pirate looking for a treasure worth hunting for. Sheriff&Cherry takes you on a journey to a place where nights are warm, hair is salty and the sea is calm. Experience the sunset through our sunglasses after a dip in the sea and breathe deeply: the world is your ocean.

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Get a 10% off discount code when you subscribe to our Newsletter.

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